Quantum-Touch Applied for a Court Date

I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and a Quantum-Touch Level 1 instructor.  This story has featured  on Quantum-Touch e Newsletter.    

Authors Note: Names have been changed.

Debby had contacted me to find a solution using Quantum-Touch. She was involved in a road rage incident on a highway that resulted in her being assaulted. A witness on the highway called 911, and the angry individual was arrested. Debby thought that it was already properly handled. 

One day, she was contacted by the authorities to be present at court to testify her experience. Debby was terrified! She wanted to avoid this situation and did not want to face the individual who had angrily punched her. 

Quantum-Touch is a self-healing tool. I, as a practitioner am just a conductor. After a discussion, we set an intention for this upcoming court event. 

What is for the highest good for this aggressor, Debby and a witness? Whatever it is, Quantum energy will connect the best possibility. I did two 45-minutes session over two days. 

A month later, Debby contacted me to let me know that the aggressor took a plea deal. Debby no longer needed to face this individual at court. This aggressor will participate in anger management classes on top of his punishment. 

Quantum-Touch is not only for physical pain. There are limitless applications. You can literally use this life skill in everyday life.