Acne breakout and food sensitivity

Acne facial is one of my specialties, and I consider myself as Acne specialist. 

I discovered that many people have food sensitivities that don’t result in an allergic reaction, so most of them are unaware. But if you have constant breakouts, I highly recommend to do food sensitivity test with an acne facial. 

You will be surprised that often times, those foods responsible for your breakouts are your favorite and you might be consuming them regularly and, it does not matter it is organic food or healthy food. One of my clients had discovered their food sensitivities the foods below. 

Oat milk- 

This client is a wellness oriented person. She has been eating only organic food, and seeing a holistic doctor. After recommending the elimination of oat milk from her diet, she found out that it was the oat milk! ( She stopped using oat milk for two weeks, then re-introduced for consumption again. Her skin started to breakout, so she figured out that oat milk was the cause for her breakouts)

Herbal supplement-

This client had been having GI issues and was taking herbal supplements to become healthy. After she eliminated this herbal supplement, her breakout stopped. With the addition of the acne facial, her acne scars are almost all gone!

Food sensitivity has nothing to do with healthy or organic. Your own body has developed sensitivities over the years.  Many of those foods are considered GOOD, HEALTHY, ORGANIC foods and spices. I have personally never done a food sensitivity test however, you can do your own due diligence. I will list as an example of a food sensitivity test that you can do in your own home by using a company like this. 

You need to get to the bottom of the cause. While the Acne facial greatly benefits in the  reduction of acne and acne scars, you need to take a holistic approach.