Everything Falls Into Place After Three Minutes of Quantum-Touch

I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and a Quantum-Touch Level 1 instructor. This story has featured on Quantum-Touch e Newsletter.

I lead monthly Quantum-Touch practice meetings with my students. During one such meeting in August, we collectively sent three minutes of Quantum-Touch energy to each student.

One of the students, Yoko, asked everyone to focus on her easily scheduling a second covid vaccine appointment, as soon as possible, because she had to cancel her pre-booked appointment.

In her county, everything was on halt due to the Olympics and no places offered vaccines, unless you were already in the system. She really wanted to finish her 2nd vaccine in a timely manner, and she was very worried about it.

All the attendees on the call, sent Quantum-Touch to Yoko for three minutes.

One student said, “I saw you getting a vaccine!”

Another said “I imagined that everything goes smoothly.”

A third said “I sent energy to the calendars.”

We all felt that there was nothing to worry about. Everything would work and easily fall into place.

During the next month’s practice meeting, Yoko thanked everyone. She said, “I got my second vaccine within a week after the last meeting. There were 5000 estimated applicants in my county. I was not sure if I could get in, but I did!”

Everyone at the meeting rejoiced and gained confidence. One of the important components of sending energy is developing self-confidence and trusting the process. This was a real eye opener.