Elevate the Resonance of Your Workplace With Quantum-Touch

A few months ago, my daughter asked me if I had some sage. One of her colleagues had asked her about saging their office due to continuous stressful situations. Workers at my daughter’s office were all stressed and felt like something was wrong.

I had some sage, and I also prepared something for my daughter’s colleagues. I charged Quantum-Touch energy to crystals with the intention of balance, peace and happiness. (You can learn how to charge energy to things at a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop.) Everyone who received crystals was very excited!

The following months were still somewhat chaotic, however things that had not resonated started to detach, including people who worked there. New office management style was created and workers are now more grounded.

Quantum-Touch can be applied in many different ways. It is so useful and I highly recommend learning it.