Adding Quantum-Touch to What You Already Do


I am a holistic esthetician and ever since I learned Quantum-Touch, when my clients come in for a facial, they also mention any area of discomfort in the body.

The other morning, a client mentioned that she fell a few hours before and hit her right collarbone. She was at a level 7 pain. While the facial mask was drying, I attended the area of discomfort with Quantum-Touch for 15 minutes.

After the facial, the client was surprised because the pain level became ZERO! She moved her shoulder and then felt discomfort, around level 3. She was surprised, but she also knew that Quantum-Touch is the real deal.

Some of my clients say, “At Mayumi’s place, I get a facial, get rid of my pain and rejuvenate my soul!”

You can create your own business niche with Quantum-Touch by incorporating it into what you already do.

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