Confidence Gained in Healing Ability

Today, I am submitting a success story of one of my students, Mitsuyo.

Mitsuyo contacted me requesting that I do a Quantum-Touch session for her client. Her client had asked her for a session, however Mitsuyo did not have the confidence to do it. This client just had cervical vertebrae surgery. As a result, this client’s grip became weak and she was unable to move her arm above her shoulder.

I told Mitsuyo, “Take this client, you can handle it. Believe in yourself,” knowing that this client’s higher self had chosen Mitsuyo as a perfect match for energy resonance.

When I teach Quantum-Touch, I often talk about how a client’s inner healer is in charge and we are the conductor of energy.

When people come up and ask for your help by using Quantum-Touch, their higher self is choosing the best candidate at that moment. To me, more than 80% success is already set tight there. 10% is believing yourself as a steady pure conductor with intention, and the other 10% is how to talk and open the client’s mind to believe that outcome.

Mitsuyo did two Quantum-Touch sessions for this client and the client was then able to lift her arm above her shoulder. Medical professionals were suggesting it would take at least a year of physical therapy. Mitsuyo’s two sessions shortened that result.

Mitsuyo gained her confidence and successfully integrated Quantum-Touch into her everyday life.