Mysterious Chronic Pain Gone!

Recently one of my clients, Kay, came into see me with her son, who is in college. He was suffering from head and neck pain, which he had been experiencing for over a year.

They had previously been to doctors, who had checked everything, including X-rays. However, they couldn’t find anything conclusively wrong.

I had the young man relax and did a one-hour Quantum-Touch session on him with focus on the occipital ridge area and neck. I used techniques from Level 1 and sent energy to the past. I then used colors and other techniques from Supercharging.

After the session, his pain became zero. However, just in case, we booked another one-hour session for the following week.

At the next session, Kay’s son’s pain was at a five. I did Level 1 with focus on the specific area, and his pain became zero again.

Kay came back for her usual facial a week after this session. She said that her son no longer complains about his pain! She is so happy that her son tried an integrative wellness tool, Quantum- Touch.