Deep pore cleansing tool


Deep pore cleansing tool

One of my facial specialties is acne, with a deep pore cleansing facial. Today, I will introduce you to an economical, easy to use, at-home tool that you can purchase via Amazon.
Called a skin scrubber, the price tends to hover around $25.This is a great tool for both adults and teens. Squeezing clogged pores often creates enlarged pores – avoid the dilemma with this tool. After you take a shower, when the pores are more open and the oils in your pores are soft, wet your face with water and just glide the tool down the skin for 2-3 minutes once a week.

Do you have any teens struggling with clogged pores? This will help remove your teen’s blackheads, too.
Here is Beauty Within Skin Care Amazon associate link for this tool 
How to use it.

1: After taking a shower, your pores open and the oils inside of those pores are loosened. Just apply regular water on your face so the skin is wet.

2: Press Ion + mode. This Ion + mode helps open the pores, as the ultrasonic device shakes the skin with vibration and pushes out the oils. When the oils are soft, they will accumulate like an ivory-colored liquid on the metal area of this tool. When the oil is like a seed, you will see small, white, seed-like, hard oils pushed out.

3: Glide down the skin instead of going upward. You can use the corner part of the metal around the side of the nose.

4: Use it for 2-3 minutes only once a week.

By using this tool, clogged pores will reduce significantly. Please do not overuse it. 2-3 minutes once a week is a good routine. Using too much will mean you are opening your pores all the time. While your pores close naturally after using this device, repeated use in a short timeframe may leave your pores more open.

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