A Spa Journey in Amsterdam: Exploring Top-Class Wellness Destinations

During my recent trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the world of wellness. From indulging in luxurious spa treatments to expanding my knowledge in energy work, this journey was an exploration of rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Guiding me through this immersive experience was Ms. Risa Takita, a local coordinator, and therapist at a prestigious spa in Amsterdam. Together, we embarked on a quest to uncover the finest wellness destinations in the city. Join me as I take you on a tour of three remarkable spas that left an impression.

Heading to the Spas after Lunch

To kick off our spa journey, Risa kindly picked me up from the hotel and introduced herself before we enjoyed a delicious lunch together. With her extensive connections, Risa guided me to several incredible spas in Amsterdam.

Initially, I was unsure whether I would be able to capture photos as some places have strict policies. However, I was pleasantly surprised that two out of the three spas I visited allowed me to explore the interior and take pictures.

Understanding the Meaning of a Spa

Before delving into my experiences, let’s briefly explore the concept of a spa. A spa is a place that utilizes water, such as mineral springs and hot springs, to promote beauty and health.

While the term originated in Europe, the United States often combines beauty salons and wellness facilities under the label of spas, even if they don’t have saunas or shower facilities.

AWAY Spa at W Hotel: The Epitome of Luxury in Amsterdam

Our first stop was the AWAY Spa at W Hotel, hailed by Ms. Takita is the best spa in Amsterdam. Risa had previously worked at this renowned establishment. The W Hotel, housed in a beautifully repurposed bank building, has become a prominent landmark in the city.

The first floor features a fashionable boutique, highly favored by locals with a keen sense of fashion. It’s worth mentioning that the hotel’s spa also attracts many locals.

During our visit, we had the privilege of capturing the spa’s ambiance and facilities, swiftly guided by the staff during brief moments without customers. The spa occupies the basement level, accessed through the first floor.

As you enter, you are greeted by a reception area, which also showcases an exquisite selection of nail products available for purchase.

Descending to the basement, you find yourself in the tranquil spa area. The photo quality may be affected due to the steam from the hot spring.

The vault doors

The spa beautifully blends the original bank building’s architectural elements with modern aesthetics, creating a fashionable atmosphere throughout. The vault door finds a new purpose, and the hallway space exudes a unique ambiance.

Artistic displays add to the overall charm, capturing the essence of the spa’s stylish design.

The treatment rooms

Moving to the treatment rooms, the spa maintains a serene mood with calming color schemes. Although the rooms aren’t particularly spacious, there are several private treatment spaces available. During my visit, a thoughtful therapist even brought me a refreshing drink to further enhance my relaxation.

Indulging in the Hot Spring Experience

Hot spring spa area

Since a spa typically features a hot spring, relaxation is guaranteed. The photo below showcases the changing room area, where a long, narrow hot spring pool invites you to lie down and unwind on the adjacent bed-like sofas.

The warm lighting and flickering candles create a soothing atmosphere. As our visit came to a close, I captured a memorable photo with Ms. Risa, our local coordinator, concluded our time at AWAY Spa.

I couldn’t resist purchasing some cosmetics from this exceptional spa, intending to use them at a salon in the United States. For more information about AWAY Spa, please visit their website. https://awayspa.wamsterdam.com/

Not only does the W Hotel boast an exceptional spa, but it is also home to a first-class restaurant that is highly regarded among locals and visitors. As you ascend the stairs next to the hotel, you’ll encounter a mesmerizing art installation at the entrance. One particularly captivating piece features a princess painting with a three-dimensional effect, created using cloth. Simply gazing at this artwork is a wonderful experience in itself.

Popular Local Restaurant at W Hotel: A Culinary Delight

Popular Local Restaurant at W Hotel: A Culinary Delight: The Duchess.

Although the restaurant wasn’t open during my visit, I had the opportunity to admire it from the outside, the entrance exhibits marvelous artwork, such as a princess painting with a three-dimensional effect created using cloth.

Behind the doors lay an interior and table setting that transported the imagination to a castle-like dining experience. Dining in such an enchanting setting would undoubtedly be a memorable and extraordinary culinary journey.

For more information about the restaurant at W Hotel, please visit their website at https://the-duchess.com/

Essence Spa at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam: A Haven of Relaxation

Before we continue, let’s not forget to mention Essence Spa, where Risa currently works. This exquisite spa has earned a well-deserved 5-star review rating.

Owned by Mr. Csaba, a Hungarian native, Essence Spa has quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike. Similar to Risa’s experience, I, too, began my journey as a foreign therapist in the Netherlands.

Witnessing Mr. Csaba’s swift rise to success and full bookings was truly remarkable.

Presently, Mr. Chaba operates the spa by renting space at the prestigious Hyatt Hotel, a feat that showcases his impressive achievements.

During my visit, I had the honor of briefly interrupting Mr. Chaba, who kindly allowed me to take pictures for a precious 15-minute window between appointments. This experience was invaluable, granting me a glimpse into the world of Essence Spa. The photo below showcases Mr. Chaba, the driving force behind this exceptional establishment.

Moving further, allow me to share a glimpse of what awaits you at Essence Spa. As with the previous spas, Essence Spa is also situated in the basement of the hotel. The changing room features a well-appointed shower area adorned with stones and tiles, providing a space where guests can enjoy a wet experience. The seamless color gradation adds to the visual appeal.

Upon entering, you may initially perceive the entrance as narrow, but as you venture deeper, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a serene environment conducive to tranquility and rejuvenation.

Now, let’s take a peek inside one of the treatment rooms:

With a delightful ambiance, Essence Spa offers a sanctuary for relaxation and renewal.

For more information about Essence Spa, please visit their website at https://www.essence-spa.nl/

As we conclude our exploration of Essence Spa, let’s continue our spa journey by discovering the luxurious Andaz Hotel.

Discovering Luxury at Andaz Hotel

Moving on to our next destination, Risa highly recommended the luxurious Andaz Hotel, known for its unparalleled atmosphere that resembles an art museum.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to explore the spa, the hotel itself is a stunning masterpiece. From the moment you step inside, the entrance exhibits marvelous artwork.

As we descend into the spa area at Hotel Andaz, we are greeted by the sight of vibrant red chairs that beautifully resemble tulips. These floral-inspired chairs not only adorn the spa but can also be found in the lobby area, adding a touch of fashionable elegance to the surroundings.

Even the aisles to the spa exude a museum-like ambiance, featuring captivating displays that further enhance the overall aesthetic experience.

As we approach the entrance to the spa, we are met with an inviting door that beckons us to indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

To learn more about the spa at Andaz Hotel, click here. https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/spas/The-Spa-Amsterdam/home.html

Teatime in a charming café

During our spa journey, Risa and I took a delightful break at a charming café. The pleasant weather encouraged many people to savor outdoor activities on sunny days. Luckily, during my visit, the weather remained fine, granting me the opportunity to enjoy iced coffee with Risa. Some individuals even brought their laptops and worked while basking in the sunlight.

The café’s garden draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, resulting in a whimsical setting. The photo below captures an artist’s interpretation of Alice, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Even amidst a bustling day, it felt as if time stood still.

For those interested in visiting Andaz Hotel, please visit their website. https://www.hyatt.com/andaz/amsaz-andaz-amsterdam-prinsengracht

Final Thoughts

The primary purpose of my visit to the Netherlands this time was to explore Quantum Allergies, a form of energy work derived from Quantum Touch. When I shared this news through an email magazine, Ms. Takita, a reader living in the Netherlands, reached out, offering me this incredible opportunity. I am immensely grateful to Ms. Takita for his time and assistance.

My spa journey in Amsterdam surpassed my expectations, thanks to the exceptional guidance of Ms. Risa Takita. These three spas not only provided me with rejuvenating experiences but also gave me insight into the city’s thriving wellness scene. If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, I highly recommend embarking on your own spa adventure to discover the revitalizing wonders that await.

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