Business Consulting for Wellness Practitioners

About Mayumi, business consulting for wellness practitoners.

Mayumi has built a reputation with integrity centered around a holistic, anti-aging approach to skin care facial in Timonium, Towson, Baltimore area in Maryland.

Mayumi has been in the beauty industry for almost two decades in the United States (U.S.).  She trained in aesthetics in the U.S. and has taught aesthetics at one of the best renowned skin care schools in the U.S. 

Mayumi, a native Japanese, has effectively combined the best of Asian and western skin care, energy healing modalities and has developed her own unique style for skin care. 

After successfully operating my business, Mayumi began business coaching to wellness entrepreneurs through a Japanese blog in 2015. 

Now, Mayumi’s clients are in America, Japan, Australia and England.  They are either just opening up their business or have being in business for a while. I have clients that are already at six figure sales level in U.S dollars. Many of them will at least double their sales within three months of coaching. Of course, results are varied, however, most of them will make their goal in reality. 

Wellness Biz Mentor in English

Mayumi has been successfully operating her holistic skin care/ energy healing studio since 2008. She is originally from Japan, no immediate families or friends in U.S, and built her business from scratch. 

While she has been building her business, she found that there is a lack of knowledge among regular business consultants therefore lacking practical advice for wellness practitioners, ending in not producing results. 

Regular business consultants were not familiar how a wellness practitioner operates their business and philosophies.  Mayumi  figured out  many things by trial and error, and these experiences taught Mayumi to produce real results. 

Japanese Wellness Practitioner Consulting

Mayumi has established her business consulting division through her Japanese Blog Site. She has consulted many Japanese wellness practitioners. Mayumi’s 3 month course has produced the result as below. 

  • 80% of her clients produced average of over 200-300% increase sales within 3 to 6 months. 
  • Top client sales record as 800% increase of sales as the best month.