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Japanese Facelift facial

 Acupressure point head massage using the tips of fingers instead of needles. Known in Japan as SHIATSU.

 Treatment time 90 minutes. Cost is $125.00

The therapy starts with a light back massage, flips back to the front, and continues with Shiatsu acupressure massage on the head and face, it will release stress and tension.

  • Eye strain
  • Stiff shoulder and neck
  • Relaxing overworked brain 

Today, everyone is using gadgets that stimulate the brain all the time.  Our brain has been overworked and many of us have developed inflammation. Inflammation on the brain is a trigger to depression. It is no wonder that even the  younger generation has developed a depressing attitude.  

This facial will relax your body and brain along with the benefit of lifting your facial features. The scalp massage will stimulate the skin. Resulting in more refined facial features around your eyes, cheeks and jawline. 

This treatment is very gentle, so even elderly individuals can experience the benefits without rigorous facial massage.

Great idea for a Mother's day gift.

Some of our clients are already alternating this therapy with Enzyme therapy.


Enzyme therapy facial

  Customized Enzyme Therapy  |  $150

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Mayumi will customize an enzyme therapy based on your skin's needs. Anti-aging, reducing wrinkles with facial. 


Customer testimonial:


" I am a 49 year old female and was experiencing horribly dry skin, particularly on my face.

I often felt like my skin was going to crack.  


  After seeing Mayumi for several treatments my skin was restored!

 I now have hydrated skin and the elasticity, shine, and youthfulness has been returned!  

Most of all Mayumi's approach and products restore holistic wellness as well use of chemical free products.  


I have been extremely happy with everything from bedside manner, to hands on work to understanding of holistic concepts. "



" I have been coming to Mayumi for over seven years for skin care.  

She is knowledgeable, reliable, and fairly priced.  Her treatments are soothing and relaxing.  


She provides her clients with her full attention. 


 Mayumi also creates special discounted deals for services and skin products which allows her clients to save money. 

 She tailors her treatment to just what that individual needs and never pushes products onto a client.  


I highly recommend Beauty Within Skin Care and Mayumi Pachkoski."   ~~Leigh McDonald Hall 



Teen Acne and Acne Scar Prevention Treatments For teens between 12 to 22 years old Students

Teen Acne treatment with Enzyme | $100.00
60 min

Enzyme mask not only dissolves acne, but also address lightening up pigmented spot after Acne, prevent more scarring.

 Back Blemish Buster |  $50  45 minutes  

Many teens struggle with blemishes on their backs.   This deep cleansing with extraction, followed by a customized mask is designed especially for the back. 

Client testimonial:

"I have 2 teenagers that Mayumi has treated for acne. I would say that they had pretty intense acne.  
Mayumi worked wirh them in a very compassionate and professional manner.

  She used very healthful oriented products and techniques to restore their skin.  
My son had layers of acne bumps and inflammation on his forehead.
He also struggled with acne on his chest and back.  
We tried conventional dermatology but it was too harsh and ineffective.
This is a tough thing for teens!


Special treatments

 VItamin C Natural peel : add on to facial 


Japanese Shiatu Stress Therapy massage for lifting face : add on to Enzyme therapy 


Fall to Winter only Alkaline therapy for Acne scarring, fine lines 

Allkaline treatment and 

Lift off Enzyme therapy  after 2 weeks


3 series  of $ 200 is recommended 


Callous treatment           45 minutes: $50

   And more


          Brow:  $12
        Lip:     $12
        Chin:   $12

        Underarms:   $30