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Adult Acne enzyme facial

 Treatment time 90 minutes. 

Price : $150.00

Adult Acne enzyme facial reduces the occurrence of breakouts and minimizes scarring. 

The treatment starts with a foot bath ,a facial  cleansing and a neck and head, scalp massage. The treatment continues with an  individually customized acne facial mask. While the mask is drying, hot stone will be applied on shoulders, and a hand and foot massage will be performed followed by hot stones on the feet.

 After the mask is removed, extractions will be performed to remove oils from the pores. It is a 90 minutes full treatment.

Customer testimonial:

 Absolutely amazing!   I’ve been suffering for my entire adult life (I’m now 46) with painful cystic hormonal acne and cystic rosacea acne.  A few very tedious regimens did a semi-decent job with it but nothing like this.  I’ve tried all the peels and lasers with no luck.  Thanks to my mother doing a good bit of research this year for Christmas, she found Mayumi and this enzyme treatment.  The first day I went in for the treatment I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to do it because my chin was so broken out with a huge cluster of cystic acne that was very inflamed.  It was so bad that my mother gave me the gift certificate prior to Christmas.  Mayumi assured me that it would be fine and that was what the treatment was for.  She was very up front about the treatment being a mask that would tighten quite a bit and be a little uncomfortable.  Not to worry, she does a very good hand and foot massage to take your mind off of it!  Nice bonus!  By the time the treatment was over my chin had already begun to calm down.  The treatment works for 72 hours after the treatment and by day 3 my chin had cleared to not much more than a memory.  I only wish I had taken pictures around the first treatment. ~~Tara Walter


Japanese Shiatsu Stress Therapy facial

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Price: $125

This Special Japanese SHIATSU and scalp massage will calm your mind, while relaxing and toning your face. The treatment starts with a soothing foot bath called Ashiyu, continues with a light neck and back massage, then turns face up for a special Shiatsu and head(scalp) massage, Mayumi chooses and customizes facial masks according to your skin's needs. While the mask is drying, hot stones are applied on the shoulders. A neck, hand and foot massage is performed followed by hot stones applied to your hands and feet. It is a truly luxurious, rejuvenating facial treatment.


Customer testimonial:

   facial with Mayumi is far more than a facial. While she is a consummate professional in her skilled work as a cosmetologist, she provides an amazing personalized experience that touches you physically and energetically. When I leave our session, I always feel calmer, more balanced, and yes, more beautiful. The combination of Mayumi’s kindness and wisdom makes it a delight to spend time with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough! And her carefully formulated organic products are a joy to use. What a wonderful gift a session with her can be - for yourself, or someone special. ~~Amy Connolly


Anti Aging facial

Treatment time 90 minutes

Price : $150

You will see the difference with your skin looking younger and glowing with this 90 min. relaxing facial. The treatment starts with a foot bath ,a facial  cleansing and a neck and scalp massage. The treatment continues with an  individually customized facial mask. While the mask is drying, hot stone will be applied on shoulders, and a hand and foot massage will be performed followed by hot stones on the feet. It is a 90 minutes full treatment.

Customer testimonial


" I am a 49 year old female and was experiencing horribly dry skin, particularly on my face.

I often felt like my skin was going to crack.  

  After seeing Mayumi for several treatments my skin was restored!

 I now have hydrated skin and the elasticity, shine, and youthfulness has been returned!  

Most of all Mayumi's approach and products restore holistic wellness as well use of chemical free products.  

I have been extremely happy with everything from bedside manner, to hands on work to understanding of holistic concepts. "


" I have been coming to Mayumi for over seven years for skin care.  

She is knowledgeable, reliable, and fairly priced.  Her treatments are soothing and relaxing.  

She provides her clients with her full attention. 

 Mayumi also creates special discounted deals for services and skin products which allows her clients to save money. 

 She tailors her treatment to just what that individual needs and never pushes products onto a client.  

I highly recommend Beauty Within Skin Care and Mayumi Pachkoski."   ~~Leigh McDonald Hall 

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Teen Acne Facial For teens between 12 to 22 years old Students

Teen Acne Facial
60 ~75minutes

Price :$100

This is a great treatment for teens with acne. This treatment involves a deep cleansing facial to minimize the potential for future breakouts. Restoring the skin to build the self esteem of your teens, and college students.

Client testimonial:

I have 2 teenagers that Mayumi has treated for acne. I would say that they had pretty intense acne.  
Mayumi worked wirh them in a very compassionate and professional manner.

  She used very healthful oriented products and techniques to restore their skin.  
My son had layers of acne bumps and inflammation on his forehead.
He also struggled with acne on his chest and back.  
We tried conventional dermatology but it was too harsh and ineffective.
This is a tough thing for teens! ~~M.S

    I am a college student who was struggling with acne and could not seem to find anyone that could clear it up. Mayumi has done a great job clearing up my acne and restoring my skin. She uses some really great products that work very well especially with my sensitive skin. Would definitely recommend!  ~~Tyler


Energy Healing Facial

Treatment time 75minutes

Price: $135

For the people who desire energy healing treatment, This treatment starts with a foot bath called ASHIYU, then continues to the cleansing of the face, before working on various acupressure points/energy balancing points. Mayumi chooses a customized facial mask suitable of your skin. (No hot stones, hand/foot massage)

Customer testimonial

 Mayumi offers the best products and services of anyone when it comes to skin care.  She is well-versed in ingredients and techniques, and has years of experience in the industry.  She is highly-regarded by her peers and clients.  A true professional, top to bottom; I urge you to try her services.  You will not be disappointed! ~~Marla 


Asian Facial

         Treatment time 75minutes

Price : $110 

Mayumi uses various facial massage/shiatsu massage techniques according to your skin's need on that day. The treatment start with a foot bath called Ashiyu, followed by the cleansing of the face and a customized facial massage and customized facial mask. Hot stones are applied on your shoulders and a hand massage is included. (No foot massage and hot stones on foot)

Customer testimonial

 I get my facials here and not only does my skin feel flawless, but I leave completely relaxed and feeling more positive. Mayumi does a great job and I highly recommend her! ~~Amy D

  have been coming to Mayumi for a number of years now.  Her treatments are amazing.   Her creams and serums are wonderful.  My skin looks and feels great. ~~Carolyn C

Facial menu and others


Skin Care products consulting

Consultative time 30 min ~1 hour 

Price $30

Mayumi will consult with you on  your current skin care rcegime  to determine if it is suitable your skin's current condition. A List of the ingredients in your current skin care products need to be sent to Mayumi ahead of time.  The average consultative time is between 30 minutes to 1 hour. 



Treatment time 15 min and up 

Price: $10 and up 

During your facial treatment, some waxing services can be added.




Treatment time 45 minutes

Price $50

During your facial, The MediPedi service can be added with a $5 discount applied. The MediPedi treatment removes callous from the feet,and  leaves  your feet feeling soft and smooth again..

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