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About Mayumi

Mayumi has built a reputation with integrity centered around a holistic, anti-aging approach to skin care facial in Timonium, Towson, Baltimore area in Maryland.


Mayumi has been in the beauty industry for more than a decade in the United States (U.S.).  She trained in aesthetics in the U.S. and has taught aesthetics at one of the best renowned skin care school in the U.S. 

Mayumi, a native Japanese has effectively combined the best of Asian and western skin care, energy healing modalities and has developed her own unique style for skin care. 

 Example, Acupressure point head massage using the tips of the fingers instead of needles. Well Known in Japan as SHIATSU and applied energy work. 

 This facial will relax your body and brain。Along with the benefit of lifting your facial features、the scalp massage will stimulate the skin. The result is more refined facial features around your eyes, cheeks and jawline.

In 2017 Mayumi began producing her own unique organic skin care products ( organic in TImonium ) after teaming up with a Certified Organic Farm. 

Mayumi enjoys Tai chi, Q -kong, learning quantum mechanics and holistic wellness in general. 


Specializing in Acne treatments, Anti-aging, MIni-facelift facials, Holistic skin care, Organic skin care, Teen acne facials and Acne scar treatments in Baltimore, Towson,Maryland

 Mayumi specializes in 3 major areas of skin care:  

  1. Anti-aging, non-surgical face lift by firming and tightening  the skin and muscles with Enzyme treatment or Japanese manual facelift massage.Great for people who prefer getting results, naturally.  
  2. Adult acne and acne scar treatments for acne prone skin.    
  3. Teen acne treatment provided for those under age 22.


Customer testimonial

" Mayumi has been my skin care provider for the last 9 years, even before she started her own business! 

I originally went to Mayumi to assist w/ my skin damage from years of sun without sunscreen at a young age. 

As my skin improved and blemishes decreased, I continued to receive deep cleansing treatments and still do as often as possible as I feel that my skin really benefits from such treatments.

I have few wrinkles at the age of 54 and my skin is easier to take care of.

I trust Mayumi 100% with my skin, particularly my face which is highly sensitive. 

I have such trust in Mayumi that I have recommended her to my friends who have also been very pleased as well."    ~~Page Crosby

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